Together, let’s empower Indonesia’s underserved gig-economy through productive credit

At Pin’J, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to work and succeed. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing working capital to workers in the gig economy, enabling them to do their job and earn a living.

We’re a B2B closed-loop working capital financing fintech company that specializes in serving workers in the gig economy. We understand the unique challenges faced by gig workers, and we’re committed to helping them overcome these challenges and achieve success. One of the biggest problems facing gig workers and the companies that employ them is the high cost of working capital. At Pin’J, we’re working to solve this problem by providing affordable and accessible financing to gig workers and their employers.

Our innovative platform enables companies to effectively administer their working capital needs while providing gig workers with the financial support they need to deliver their services. We’re passionate about transforming the gig economy by providing a more equitable and sustainable financial ecosystem for workers and companies alike.


Vision and Mission

Helping individual gig economy workers to secure their livelihood by optimising their income opportunity, and working with gig economy businesses to fulfill their operation needs.


The closed loop model is a financial ecosystem that enables Pin’J to provide inventory financing and allowance disbursement to our B2B2C partners, such as e-hailing/ride share providers, 3PL logistics companies, and transportation services, seamlessly and efficiently. This model ensures that the funds remain in the system, enabling us to offer better rates and conditions to our partners. By digitizing the gasoline disbursement process and providing credit loans to finance gasoline inventories, we help our partners to effectively manage their working capital needs, enabling them to focus on their core business. The closed-loop model also allows us to collect data on our partners’ fuel consumption and work patterns, enabling us to better understand their needs and provide more customized solutions


The B2B2C model is a unique approach that brings together many parties in mutually beneficial relationships. At Pin’J, we believe that by connecting businesses and employees through our closed loop financing solutions, we can help drive economic growth and create more opportunities for everyone involved.

Through our B2B2C model, we work with businesses to provide working capital financing for their workers, enabling them to meet their inventory supply requirements and efficiently deliver their services. Our platform not only simplifies the financing process but also ensures that workers receive the necessary support to effectively manage their finances.

Additionally, we collaborate with strategic partners to provide customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each business and its employees. In doing so, we aim to create a sustainable ecosystem that benefits all parties involved, fostering growth and prosperity for businesses and workers alike

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated and diverse team is the driving force behind the innovation and growth of PinJ. Comprised of experienced professionals from Logistics and Fintech backgrounds, our team members bring a wealth of expertise. From visionary leaders to skilled developers, creative designers and customer-focused support personnel, every member contributes their unique skills to create a seamless and user-friendly experience for our valued users. Get to know the faces that made PinJ what it is today – the dynamic platform that is revolutionizing the way you manage your fuel needs

Cynthia Susinto

Co-Founder - Chief Executive Officer

Alfried Taftazani

Co-Founder - Chief Financial Offocer

Kokko Cattaka

Advisor - Chief Operation Officer

Timothy Jonathan​

Head of Product

Sameer Meralli​


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